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BDX 8 And 11 Pole Stator Installation Guide
[34,733 views - 9 comments - Rating 4/5 ****- ]
A. Getting ready.
1. If you are installing STAGE 2 11-pole stator, disconnect the battery.
8-pole stator install does not require the battery to be disconnected.
Note: A flywheel puller will be needed to remove the stock flywheel. Found HERE!

B. Removing stator.
1. Locate the black cooling shroud covering the cooling fan on the passenger-side of the engine. Remove this cover ([2x] 8mm hex bolts, [2x] 7mm hex screws).
2. Remove fan.
3. Remove flywheel nut. An impact wrench may be needed.
4. Using flywheel puller, remove flywheel.
5. Remove stator assembly and trigger wire pickup. Take note to how the wires are routed under the clamp.

C. Installing the new stator.
1. Install the new stator, route wires under clamp. Do not clamp the wire leading to the trigger wire pickup. Install trigger wire pickup.
2. Position the new flywheel over the stator. Rotate the flywheel until it slides onto the shaft, it's inner magnets should pull it over the stator. Check that no wires are touching the flywheel. Any wires
allowed to touch the flywheel will be frayed and severed within minutes of riding.
3. Re-assemble in reverse order of disassembly.
D. The re-wire for 11-pole stators.
If you are installing a 8-pole stator, please disregard the following instructions.

1. Disconnect original rectifier and cut rectifier plug from away harness. The new rectifier will be wired
in it's place.

2. Please refer to attached diagram.
3. Attach the yellow wires from the stator, to the rectifier. They can be used in any arrangement.
4. Attach green from rectifier, to black bundle in the engine wiring harness.
5. Attach red from rectifier, to red bundle in engine wiring harness.
6. Attach green from stator, to black bundle in engine wiring harness.

Note: The "black bundle" in the above steps refer to ground. Any solid grounding point is fine.
Also, the "red bundle" refers to the main power distribution point for running accessories to be powered by rectified/regulated stator output.

7. Locate the yellow wire (with red tracer) from the original rectifier plug, and attach it to the red bundle in the engine harness. Make sure your headlights lights are disconnected or they will immediately start pulling power from the battery. In this system, a switch will need to be used to turn off the headlights when not in use.

8. Disconnect the auto choke. Remove red wire pin from it's plug (using an ice pick or similar tool to press down the pin lock inside the plug). Attach wire from rectifier to purple wire pin, wrap connection in electrical tape. Re-connect the auto-choke plug (with purple wire still in place).

F: Problems after installation?
Here are a few specs to help troubleshoot any problems that may occur. Please see below.

11-Pole stator, voltages from stator harness at idle.
With all wiring correctly installed: Attach ground lead of multimeter to the green wire coming from the stator, and the positive meter lead to one of the three yellow wires coming from the stator:

Two of the yellow wires should read: Minimum 14vAC
and the third yellow wire should read: Minimum 7vAC
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9 comments about this article:
Poster #1 [11/03/10] Rating 5/5 *****
Great info, thanks once again!!
Poster #2 [03/16/11] Rating 5/5 *****
Sweet info, Just picked up a 200cc GY6 with a 11 pole Stator, Was wondering how i was going to rewire it. :)
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