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All Models listed in our catalog use the GY6 engine (125cc to 170cc).
Engines 250cc and larger (or lower than 125cc) are not GY6 engines, and are not supported.

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VIN numbers are useless. Politely request help on our Online Forum with a picture of your entire machine. Forum assistance is community volunteer based, so please act accordingly and be respectful of members' time.
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Tomberlin parts & upgrades availability

We carry over 838 parts verified by our technicians to fit 2 Tomberlin models.

What happened to the Tomberlin Go-Kart models?
The yellow Crossfire 150 was sold in Sam's Club circa 2005 for the price of $1799. Although more expensive than competitor Yerf Dog's 150cc model that Sam's previously sold, the CF150 was far more capable and comfortable off road.

In 2008 Tomberlin released the grey Crossfire 150R. This improved version of their earlier model came with reverse and front brakes, but for the same price $1799 price point as the earlier model! We believe Tomberlin was able to to pull this off by redesigning the frame to allow it to be boxed and shipped in a smaller space. This would have allowed them to save greatly on freight, passing the savings to the customer.

The Crossfire series has since been discontinued. We purchased 28 of the last Crossfire 150R's in 2010. The 150R is one of our owner's favorite two-seat 150cc model.

We're happy to help with any technical questions you may have about your Tomberlin Kart.

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