Complete Basic AC-Fired Electrical Parts Pack - KIT DISCOUNT

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This kit is an addon for our AC-Fired GY6 Wiring Harness (sold separately).  Grab both for great charging and the strongest spark you'll find on a GY6!

Package includes:

  1. AC CDI
  2. Ignition Coil
  3. Autochoke
  4. Choke Resistor
  5. NGK C7HSA Spark Plug
  6. Starter Solenoid
  7. 8-pole Stator (5-wire)
  8. 3-wire Ignition Switch
  9. Engine Kill Toggle Switch (Requires 3/4" hole in dash)
  10. 4-Pin Rectifier

If your engine currently has a 6-pole stator, you will also need the correct flywheel to use the 8-pole stator in this kit.

Doesn't include the starter motor, as that's usually still good even if the rest is thrashed.

Also doesn't include a new battery.