GY6 150cc "Won't Turn Over" Solenoid Starter Tune-up Kit

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  • Electric Starter
  • Starter Solenoid
  • x3 Standard Glass Fuse
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    2.65 lbs
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Are you hitting the switch and nothing is happening?

This kit packages the parts most commonly responsible for "no turn over" situations.

Arrives with a new starter motor, starter solenoid, and three 15 amp glass fuses. The two spare fuses are handy for solving the problem and keeping as spares.

If any of the following are true, this kit will likely solve the problem.

  1. No sounds at all when trying to start.
  2. Only a "click" or "buzzing" when trying to start.
  3. No power to anything even with a fully charged battery

Be sure to check your battery charge
You'll want more than 13v at the battery. 12.5v is borderline, but anything under that really needs to be charged or the battery needs to be replaced.