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2018 Super Duty Front-end Kit - Updates and Development! [BENDER HAS ARRIVED!]
1 hour ago at 11:41am
by Fnonthlake123 by Travis @ Buggy Depot
18661 views 236 replies

Sprocket Split Hub Alignment Kit [Type 6 Conversion Kit Feedback and Install Guidance]
12 hours ago at 12:46am
by Mark52 by Mark52
32 views 6 replies

Rebuild or replace? Trailmaster 150 cart engine
14 hours ago at 10:38pm
by Millercreek by Millercreek
23 views 3 replies

CheethaSpeed's Universal Heavy Duty Front Brake Hubs
1 day ago at 12:51pm
by Travis @ Buggy Depot by CheethaSpeed
1978 views 47 replies

Engine won't start after new harness [Clarification on technical help and advice]
3 days ago at 7:58pm
by mwripke by mwripke
67 views 6 replies

Gy6 50 amp relay
3 days ago at 12:06pm
by Capt jay by Capt jay
38 views 3 replies

Tomberlin front brake upgrade kit
3 days ago at 3:44am
by Frearjr by Travis @ Buggy Depot
76 views 2 replies

Rebuilding a Carter buggy, need some electrical advice
5 days ago at 9:08pm
by jlasdavis by jlasdavis
25 views 0 replies

Help with Dayzon 150CC Raider Classic
2 weeks ago at 9:03am
by tcox8 by tcox8
126 views 1 replies

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Michael D. Updated BBB Complaint [Updated to 5-star] by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 4 days ago

Update to 5-star 7/2/18

At the point of delivery I would have rated you one star after a five star rating for your site and ordering process. I would once again rate you five stars since you went to work to make this right. I appreciate your time and effort and would recommend your site to others in the future.

[Updated] 1-Star Review from Bobby Stephens (from BBB) [Updated to 4-star 5/9/18] by Aggregate Reviews
4 star review 2 months ago

Update 5/9/18:

Your honesty says a lot. I think and feel that people need to be aware of it. When you say that you have done more than most companies would, you're absolutely right and, for that I feel you should be recognized. If I was to re rate buggy depot, I would have a hard time putting it in the correct category. I'll let you decide on the final placement.

Re rating the company is tough at this point. The Honesty and INTEGRITY of the owner (Travis) deserves a 5 star rating. Travis could have told everyone that my measurements and pics were wrong or fake but he didn't. The company made a mistake and he publicly admitted it. Most people would not have done this.

When it comes to fabrications and saving older buggies, Travis is pure genius. The reverse set up that he came up with for my Tomberline Crossfire R is impressive to say the very least. If it wasn't for the kit that he created, I would be stuck with a buggy that would only go forward. Most of us in this hobby can agree, reverse is almost an necessity! Especially when it is our children that are running the karts!

I personally feel that the company itself could improve in a few areas so my rating for the company would be a 4 star rating.

Keeping in mind these are based on my experience and my thoughts, I feel that the company could improve on the following:

1. The company is hard to reach via phone or email. I'm not sure if this is due to technical difficulties or just the lack of response.
2. The company should take care when packaging and sending out merchandise. When it appears that everything was simply thrown in a box and shipped without concern, it makes the consumer weary and/or concerned.
3. The company could improve on quality control. Twice I either received the wrong parts or missing parts.

Though there was frustrations and a lot of back and forth, Buggy Depot took time to correct any issues and time to ensure that the customer (myself) was satisfied.

Original 1-star Review:
***WARNING*** if you want to receive parts in a timely manner and want everthing that you ordered and paid for, DO NOT BUY FROM BUGGYDEPOT! Originally I purchased a 175cc engine, paid extra $60 for a longer output shaft and have it installed. Almost a month later my engine arrived. Unknown to me at the time, they did not give me or install the larger out put shaft that I paid for. Upon arrival I learned that their "verified fit" engine needed a conversion kit in order to "fit" my buggy. Later I went ahead and purchased the conversion kit needed to get my buggy running. Once again I waited a month for my order to ship. When I finally recieved my order, it appeared as if everything was just thrown in a box that was to small and shipped out. As I unpacked my long awaited order I realized that I was missing the chain, the shift lever, and the nuts and bolts that mount the brackets. To my suprise there also sat the larger output shaft that I paid for and paid to have installed. Fusterated, I called the business and spoke with sammy. After I explained to her what had happened, she apologized, offered to send my missing items, and even offered a $30 store credit. Even though the cost of the output shaft installation was $40, I accepted what she offered. (I wasnt complaining for a free handout. I just wanted my parts) unfortunatly here we are again. 2 weeks, a few e-mails ,and numerous phone calls later, I have yet to recieve my store credit. These folks are obviously in no hurry to take care of their customers. After the fact, I've read very simular rating and reviews from other customers. This seems to be a continuous issue with this company. Im even left questioning whether I recieved the correct engine and, they have no way of verifying that I did. I honestly belive that i recieved a 150 cc engine insted of the 175cc that I paid for. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is by disassembling this brand new engine and looking for a stamp on top of the piston.

Review By: Bobby Stephens

5-Star Review "Have patience and the end result is completely worth it" Gary Fink (Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 3 months ago

Bought the BDX Front end and upgraded steering rack mod. Travis very transparent with information with the build process and the build quality is top notch. When I find another Spiderbox to rebuild I know where I'll be going. And in the future I may upgrade my hammerhead with one of his big bore GY6 engines. Would recommend! Also this is not amazon prime with prime shipping. Have patience and the end result is completely worth it. -Fink

5-Star Review - Buggy shop for enthusiasts! by CheethaSpeed
5 star review 4 months ago

If you are new to this hobby, youve found a great resource for your needs in buggy depot. Lets face it, modern buggy parts are a nightmare. So many manufacturers most have never heard of the guys that made it. If thats you, your just in a big hole. You got a great deal, but no service or support. This is the only place that that has any kind of parts data base at all. If your looking in to getting in to the sport, you have to realize aftermarket vendors are left to pick up the pieces. Buggy Depot is the only place that has made an attempt to service this market. So if you have a problem like that, you didnt do your research before you bought a random buggy. That said, they may can help you here, as long as you dont expect miracles or free reverse engineering support. The forum is a great way to do research and ask others for help. Plus they are in the states.

That said my build is on the forum here. Check out the awesome 5.5 lift kit for my spider box. Yes I had to wait, but it was worth it for the only guy in the world that makes parts make my parts to not just get me on the road, but so much better than it ever was before!

5-Star Review "They have parts no one else has" Jeff Kellison (Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 4 months ago

Questions answered fast.
They have parts no one else has---- like a plug and play kit to go from a 6 pole stator to a high output 11 that is plug and play.
Will be a repeat customer.

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