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Yerfdog GX150 w/ 175cc can't start with button
19 hours ago at 9:34pm
by benchmead by benchmead
8 views 0 replies

Finks Spiderbox Build
1 day ago at 11:24am
by Fink117 by Fink117
2293 views 66 replies

Warranty on A-Arms [Admin: 2018 Super Duty Front Kit Updates starting on Page 2]
2 days ago at 4:47pm
by Fnonthlake123 by CheethaSpeed
15168 views 213 replies

Manual transmission???
5 days ago at 1:39am
by mike34 by mike34
16 views 0 replies

Yerf dog spiderbox 1 of 1 build -blue cheetah -speed lab
1 week ago at 12:37pm
by CheethaSpeed by CheethaSpeed
1900 views 70 replies

Coming next: Lightning deals! R&D Points! Daily sales and loyalty program
1 week ago at 9:43pm
by Travis @ Buggy Depot by JMill
11256 views 7 replies

Buggy Depot Engine Wiring Harness
1 week ago at 10:01am
by Doug Ryland by Travis @ Buggy Depot
85 views 3 replies

Ace Sports Maxxam 1502r front suspension
2 weeks ago at 9:10pm
by Gunsanddaisys by Gunsanddaisys
39 views 0 replies

[Updated] 1-Star Review from Bobby Stephens (from BBB) [Updated to 4-star 5/9/18]
2 weeks ago at 10:48pm
by Aggregate Reviews by CheethaSpeed
14792 views 32 replies

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5-Star Review "Have patience and the end result is completely worth it" Gary Fink (Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 1 month ago

Bought the BDX Front end and upgraded steering rack mod. Travis very transparent with information with the build process and the build quality is top notch. When I find another Spiderbox to rebuild I know where I'll be going. And in the future I may upgrade my hammerhead with one of his big bore GY6 engines. Would recommend! Also this is not amazon prime with prime shipping. Have patience and the end result is completely worth it. -Fink

5-Star Review - Buggy shop for enthusiasts! by CheethaSpeed
5 star review 2 months ago

If you are new to this hobby, youve found a great resource for your needs in buggy depot. Lets face it, modern buggy parts are a nightmare. So many manufacturers most have never heard of the guys that made it. If thats you, your just in a big hole. You got a great deal, but no service or support. This is the only place that that has any kind of parts data base at all. If your looking in to getting in to the sport, you have to realize aftermarket vendors are left to pick up the pieces. Buggy Depot is the only place that has made an attempt to service this market. So if you have a problem like that, you didnt do your research before you bought a random buggy. That said, they may can help you here, as long as you dont expect miracles or free reverse engineering support. The forum is a great way to do research and ask others for help. Plus they are in the states.

That said my build is on the forum here. Check out the awesome 5.5 lift kit for my spider box. Yes I had to wait, but it was worth it for the only guy in the world that makes parts make my parts to not just get me on the road, but so much better than it ever was before!

5-Star Review "They have parts no one else has" Jeff Kellison (Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 2 months ago

Questions answered fast.
They have parts no one else has---- like a plug and play kit to go from a 6 pole stator to a high output 11 that is plug and play.
Will be a repeat customer.

Dealing with Buggy Depot was a pleasant change - Chris Bottorff (from Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 9 months ago

Awesome customer service, I had a couple questiins that were very promptly answered. It's hard to find a place that provides this kind of service! I've emailed plenty of other sellers in the past and never received any reply so dealing with Buggy Depot was a pleasant change. Keep up the great work Travis! I will ordering from you for all my buggy parts.

Fast shipping and great customer service - Nick Rothenberger (From Google Reviews) by Aggregate Reviews
5 star review 9 months ago

Fast shipping and great customer service.

Reviews history since 2005
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