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Dazon Raider Classic 150cc Wiring Diagram
[37,411 views - 9 comments - Rating 5/5 ***** ]
Click the diagram to the right of this page to download the full image.

Dazon 150cc Ignition components

The Stator Assembly - CDI power winding
The Dazon Raider 150cc is fitted with the standard AC-fired ignition setup. A single winding on the stator is dedicated to powering the CDI. On most GY6 stators, the CDI-power wire is the Black/Red wire coming from the stator - with a "bullet" style connector.

Voltage Output Range [Black/Red]: 30 vAC - 80 vAC
Get it here: High-Output 8-Pole Stator w/ Flywheel

Magnetic trigger pulse pickup sensor
The "trigger pickup" is mounted above the flywheel and stator assembly, and also has a "bullet" style connector. The pickup wire is typically blue/yellow. This pickup sends a pulse of energy to the CDI as the magnetic nodule on the flywheel passes with each rotation of the flywheel. This is responsible for the timing of the ignition system. Barely any voltage is required from the pickup. If your voltmeter reads 0.0vAC from the pickup wire, you have a bad pickup sensor and a new stator assembly is required.

Minimum Output Voltage [Blue/Yellow]: 0.1 vAC
Get it here: High-Output 8-Pole Stator w/ Flywheel

CDI Ignition Box
The CDI is the "brain" of the Dazon 150cc ignition system. It stores energy provided by the stator, and releases that energy to the next step of the ignition system (ignition coil) when it senses voltage from the trigger pickup.

Minimum Output Voltage: 16 vAC
[Typically Solid Purple or Blue, leads directly to ignition coil]
Get it here: CDI for 150cc Engines

Ignition Coil
The ignition coil accepts incoming voltage from the CDI box, and steps the voltage up thousands of times (upwards of 27,000 volts). This high voltage is required to force the electrical energy to jump across the sparkplug gap.

Get it here: Ignition Coil for GY6 engines

Spark Plug [NGK C7HSA]
Delivers spark to the combustion chamber.

Get it here:
150cc GY6 Spark Plug
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9 comments about this article:
Poster #1 [07/06/10] Rating 5/5 *****
Poster #2 [09/26/10] Rating 3/5 ***--
need wire diagram for engine
Poster #3 [01/14/11] Rating 5/5 *****
Thanks Finally a diagram I can read!
Poster #4 [03/31/11] Rating 5/5 *****
thanks for the info
Poster #5 [10/29/11] Rating 5/5 *****
Good write up...wish I had found it earlier. May want to do write up on how to pull the Stator/Flywheel assembly to upgrade the stator! :o)
Poster #6 [07/24/12]
i was curious do you need the resistor in the wiring or can you leave it out the one on my 150cc was broken and one buggy has it and the other buggy doesnt but the buggys the have them have a ac cdi unit do i need the resistor or can i leave it out
Poster #7 [12/22/12]
i have a yerf dog 3206 electric problem the kart doesn't want to start, i put new engine wires,ignition coil,stator,CDI ignition box,new spark plug,regulator,but my kart cranks but doesn't start and the spark plug has a nice blue power light,can anybody help me fix it? Thank you.

Poster #8 [03/20/13]
How do you get the RPM gauge to work on a 150cc gy6 157qmj engine
Poster #9 [05/18/13]
Good stuff resolved a lot for me
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